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A Hint of A Reindeer

This will be the quickest, easiest Christmas card you’ve ever made, short of just slapping on a sticker, and it’s one that children will enjoy.

Remember the white deer die-cut left from the Inlaid Deer card? Grab some Ground Espresso Distress Ink and an ink blending tool, and color that die up. After it dries, utilize some precision scissors (I like the Honey Bee non-stick) to remove the antlers for use on this card (don’t throw away what’s now a doe–have you guessed we’ll try not let her go to waste, either?).

A stamped “Merry Christmas” in a vibrant, dye-based ink sets the tone and defines the spacing.

Use multi medium matte to apply a glitter pom in Rudolph red for a nose and a pair of wiggly eyes (I’ve always called them googly eyes) spaced above it. Space the inked antlers appropriately and glue them down, as well. You can call it done! Personally, I couldn’t resist adding a smattering of small star sequins from Pretty Pink Posh in gold that matched the glitter in the red pom, but, of course, that’s entirely optional.

A thought about choosing your card base color. I had this dark maize color handy for another idea on which I was working, so that was my choice. Any color that you like for animals could work. White could be fun, because it would imply that he was peering through a snow storm. Just another versatile thing to like about this card option. I hope you had as much fun seeing this card as I had making it to share with you.


I enjoy sharing my love of paper and ink!

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